Scorekeeper’s Corner

While we encourage you to review the entire USA Hockey rule book located HERE, below are some sections of emphasis that you could review first.

Penalties Penalty Descriptions
Officials Rule 505 – Penalty Timekeeper, Rule 506 – Official Scorer, Rule 507 – Game Timekeeper
Appendix I Summary of Penalties
Appendix III Official Signals

Scorekeeper Job Description

  • You are off-ice officials, and must be professional and unbiased.
  • Confirm that both coaches have their name, USA Hockey ID number & phone number listed and have signed the score sheet.
  • Write clearly and legibly and be sure to list game date/time and your name in the provided areas.
  • Don’t cross off remaining empty spaces at the end of the game… this is the job of the on-ice officials after they ensure accuracy.
  • Do not interact with players and coaches unless requesting or disseminating pertinent information.

Tips & Guidelines

  • Listen carefully to the on-ice officials and take your time to get it right… ask questions.
  • Learning the penalty signals and corresponding time possibilities will make it easier to understand the on-ice official’s calls.
  • Separate penalties are recorded separately, on separate lines, even when given to the same individual. IE: 2min minor & 10min Misconduct to a player are listed separately, as are 5min major & Game Misconduct penalties. Escalating penalties are also ALL listed, 2min, 10min, Game Misconduct to an individual are all listed separately.
  • For recording purposes, Game Misconduct and Match penalties are listed with 10min as the penalty duration.

Clock Management

  • Get comfortable with the clock learn how to add and remove penalties before the game starts.
  • Start and stop the clock immediately on each whistle and puck-drop.
  • Do not put penalty time or goals on the board until after the official reports it to you.